Terhi TuovinenHi, my name is Terhi Tuovinen. I’m a photographer based in Finnish Lapland.

My home is in a small town in Northern Lapland. Nature and the outdoor lifestyle have always been a major part of my life. If kids in the big cities went to the malls and parks, we went to nature: fishing, skiing, hunting, collecting berries and mushrooms.

And that’s what I still love to do, so photographing the nature and life in Lapland is a very natural thing to do.

I can’t really say why I started photography years ago. I’ve always loved drawing and everything visual, so photography felt a natural choice for me. Everything started as a hobby. Then I went to school to study digital art. And now photos and photography is a big part of my everyday work.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts spring 2017. Currently I’m working as a Content Creator for Lapland’s official marketing and communications house, House of Lapland.

In addition, I’m constantly looking for new adventures, challenges and interesting people in life.

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Email: terhi.tuovinen(at)gmail.com